Ramblings on the Beginning of a New Adventure

Hi and welcome to my blog!  My name is Irma, lover of the quiet farm life, prairie skies, and the nature that surrounds us.

I would like to invite you take a minute to browse my new website and get to know a little about me and what my flower dreams are made of.  

I'm embarking on a new adventure of growing cut flowers on a large scale.  My passion for growing flowers runs deep and I hope that it will be expressed in my work.  

I'm still at the very early stages of marketing our beautiful blooms.  Ideas are constantly circulating in my head so hopefully this will be the summer of making our flowers available for many to enjoy.  

A few examples of what I'd love to do are below.

One is to provide a bouquet subscription service.  In this option, subscription holders will receive a beautiful bouquet of in-season blooms weekly during peak season.  I would love to offer bulk flowers for DIY brides, bouquet and/or floral arrangements delivered in Portage la prairie at request.  

The list goes on with a few dreams I can't share yet but am hoping they will become a reality in the future.

As far as my blog space, I hope to post regularly about the current happenings on the farm so you can see the progress here and get a glimpse of what's in bloom throughout the summer.



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